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Nassau Financial was established to provide financial services to clients in a wide variety of areas. The recent emphasis has been to serve as an expert witness in legal cases either as a consulting expert or as a testifying expert. In other situations, the company assumes the role of a traditional consultant who is called upon by clients to bring a new perspective to profit challenges that the management has not been able to solve. In numerous cases, the management team is too close and too familiar with the company’s sales and operations to see what a fresh pair of eyes can detect. 


Building off success in teaching finance and accounting courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, Nassau Financial offers seminars to clients that can be tailored to the specific needs of the company. The firm has presented a two hour seminar on “The Manipulation of Reported Earnings” to over 1,500 attorneys in the Philadelphia-Richmond corridor. 

One related area where the company can assist clients is in the provision of interim financial management. The experience gained as a Chief Financial Officer in a wide array of industries can be applied to client needs that may have arisen as a result of the sudden departure of the client’s CFO. 












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